Due to unfortunate circumstances, I do not have the time or imagination to continue developing Rainorak.

This site is perminitely in limbo until I can find someone with the same ideas and passion as myself that wants to take over the game and carry on with it.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED please send me an e-mail so we can discuss things. I'd really love to see this place open but I just can't do it myself.

Rainorak is a high fantasy play by post role play game. We will be welcoming a few species, all of them belong to the equidae, canidae, felidae and cervidae family. This site will allow for complete customization on characters for appearances, beliefs, etc. as well as allowing characters to have history in other worlds before Rainorak. Our goal is to allow players to be as creative as they possibly can with their characters.

The game will focus on being a fun and relaxing community that offers many options when it comes to on site development. We will be including intellectual powers (can somewhat be considered magic but is not actually magic according to the sites lore), steam punk like technology (that will likely grow to more advanced and modern technology as characters create and advance on site) and humans do exist here (they are NPC characters played only by staff and for plot purposes).

In the past, these evolutional developments have wreaked havoc to Rainorak, though there is now a new generation of animals passing through. The world is here to develop with you, what will you make of it?
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